Major Projects

FAST04 Registry

The FAST04 Registry is an enlistment campaign which aims to unify the graduating batch. Basic information and contact details will be consolidated into a database for efficient information logo of fast 04dissemination and linkage within FAST 2004. Memorabilia will also be made available upon enlistment.

Speak FAST

An online newsletter (PDF) will be released through various University communication channels. It will contain news and information regarding the different programs and activities of the FAST 2004 Batch Assembly. It will also update the Lasallian community on the most relevant issues and concerns of the CLA senior batch.

Grievance Awareness Campaign

The campaign will ensure that students have substantial knowledge on the grievance process. Brochures will be produced which will contain the entire process and specify the requirements in detail. These will be distributed with a detachable grievance form to assist the students.

CLA Kapi-Kapihan

Kapi-kapihan is a series of Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) that will be spearheaded by the LA Core of the College of the Arts. These will be conducted among the Legislative Assembly Representatives, CLA Professional Organizations (CAP10) and Course Representatives of the different batches. The program will provide a venue for the representatives to tackle important matters that affect the welfare of the students.

FAST Track

Fast Track is a revitalized information campaign to assist graduating students in the College of Liberal Arts. The program is designed to help students realize their career goals and potentials. It will also aid in maximizing specialized job opportunities in the field of the arts.