Major Projects

Batch Assembly Teambuilding

logo of edge 2007A teambuilding will be held for the appointed officers of the EDGE07 batch assembly. This activity will create the opportunity for the members to form bonds, enhance their leadership skills, understand their roles and positions, and to develop professional work relationships. This activity will include games, discussions, and modules.

GATHER For Kids (Give And Think Of Education And Rights For Kids)

This tie up project with CBE is a book drive aiming to gather donated books for children in GK Baseco.

Pinoy Festival

A day of games and activities will be prepared for all EDGE07 students. The theme "Pinoy Pride" will be used wherein Filipino games and activities will be incorporated in order to instill nationalism, at the same time promote unity within the batch.

"CAT" (Career Awareness Talk)

Professionals who graduated from CED will be invited to give a talk to EdGE07 students regarding career options after graduation. This is also as a source of encouragement and boost for CED pride.