Major Projects


Igniting the passion for education. A series of seminars started for EdGE 05 during the previous school year that tackled certain concepts and issues of each course and education in general with speakers that are alumni of the college. These seminars aim to make students aware of what they may expect after they graduate from the fields of expertise that they have chosen to logo of edge 2005take under the College of Education.


Giving the students a venue to help improve the quality of education in the country. Students and faculty alike from the College of Education will be encouraged to volunteer for teaching sessions that will be prepared for teachers in a public school. In these sessions, they will be discussing essential information these public school teachers need to know about education.

YES Convention

Making students aware of national issues and issues within the university. The student council's role is not only to provide students with activities but also to update them of the current situation of both the country and the university. Speakers from different sectors will be invited to talk about the issues and tackle them with the students. Students have to be mindful of what is happening around them in order to come up with ways on how to help solve pressing problems and how to be of service to society and fellow students.