Major Projects


Ka-Talk Ka-Gox

In line with the Student Council's aim to protect the student's rights, the project aims to organize a forum for the batch to voice out their opinions and concerns regarding batch, college, university or nationwide issues. This activity also aims to extend and strengthen the logo of catch 2t9participation and awareness of the students and put an end to apathy. Responses gathered in the forum will be forwarded to the Legislative Assembly Representatives to form resolutions and stands, or to appropriate offices for immediate solution (such as VP-OPEC of the Student Council for problems on physical facilities).

CATCH2T9 Newsletter

Fulfilling the mission in promoting the student's welfare, this project aims to provide information on the latest developments in Computer Studies and Information Technology in print and online formats. Content will be coordinated with the faculty to make sure that the articles will give the students new information related to their academics. The project also aims to tie-up with different IT companies for a more efficient and exclusive content.

100% Lokal At Pinoy

Carrying out the Student Council's mission of partaking to nation building, the project aims to campaign local alternatives to foreign products through a gallery of different Filipino commodities. The project intends to make the students aware of what they can do to boost the Philippine economy and promote nationalism.