Major Projects


logo of catch 2t11

University Files: A Documentation

A week long booth where the different university issues that needs student participation in media form. It will awaken and develop students' awareness and participation to university-wide issues. The booth will be set up once every term.

CATCH Council Of Block Presidents

It is a venue/interaction for all block presidents to meet and discuss about the different concerns and suggestions in their respective blocks. It will also give students the chance to voice out their concerns and suggestions for the batch through their respective block presidents.

Teach Me Thank You

An exhibit that will recognize the achievements of the professors of the CATCH2T11 students. This serves as their appreciation of their professors' hard work throughout the school year. This will show the students' gratitude towards their professors who are handling them for that certain subject.

Build That 1 Billion

A fund raising activitywishes to generate a considerable amount of money that will be donated to the scholarship of DLSU students by means of having a donation box in every classrooms of CATCH2T11. This activity develops the students' potentials of being of service to others.

Transformation For The New Generation

A venue for CATCH2T11 to realize the importance of social involvement and change through interactions with other Lasallians. It promotes social values and transformation.