Major Projects


logo of catch 2t10

CATCH US! United Services

Is an umbrella program covering a variety of student services (Batch bulletin board, Website) catered to CATCH 2T10 and geared towards empowering them through information dissemination about the latest batch news and activities and a forum for online grievances.

Freedom Wall

A board wherein students can write their issues, concerns and opinions about academic and non-academic matter.

CATCH 2T1O Awards

An awards day that gives recognition to Lasallian achievers of CATCH 2T10 in fields such as Sports, Academics, Music, and others. Those students who will receive recognition will be the ones who will join the CSA Youth Awards.

C210 Sportsfest

A term-long activity that would focus on sports-related activities (volleyball, basketball, soccer) and competitions.

Barya Barya Para Sa Kapwa Outreach

A term-long project which aims to fill a container bank and would be donated to selected foundations.