Major Projects

Grievance Comics

For easier information dissemination regarding the grievance process, the BnE09 Batch Assembly will produce a comic that illustrates how a person files a grievance. It will show various situations logo of bne 09that students encounter wherein they can file grievances. This can inform the students of their rights.

BNE09 Soph Cup

To develop well-rounded Lasallians, BnE09 will participate in the CBE Cup and play for Soph Cup. Barkadas from the batch can sign up for either basketball or volleyball game. Schedules of games will be provided by the sports committee and all teams shall abide by the rules set by the committee.


Already executed during the freshmen year of BnE09, the Batch Assembly will be planning an improved and more exciting version of last year’s Awards Night. Various recognitions will be given to those who have stood out and excelled.

L.O.V.E : Tree Planting

Months before the project, the Batch Assembly will solicit donations to be able to purchase seeds for planting. The BA, along with volunteers from the batch, will go to La Mesa Dam and plant trees in order to help prevent flooding.

GK Values Education

Students will go to various GK sites and impart good values education to the children there. Interactive activities and fun games will be used to better instill good manners and right conduct in the children.