Major Projects

Batch Camp

This activity is to relive the memories we had during our first year in college. Most of the blocks had their Physics camp back then, and it was a nice way to bond with other people aside from logo of bne 08one’s blockmates. Since BnE2008 students are about to graduate already, this activity will be a perfect way for them to know more people from our batch. While in the camp, different teambuilding activities will be given to participants.

Alternative Career Track Symposium (ACTS)

This is a series of seminars showcasing CBE graduates practicing fields different from their degree. This would be a good eye opener too for misconceptions on other courses offered in La Salle.

Hiring Young Promising Entrepreneurs (HYPE)

A list of different summer jobs will be given to our batchmates for them to be exposed to the real world. This will be a good venue for them to make connections that will help them in the future. This would also be a good learning experience for them too in the future after graduation.