Major Projects

BNE 2007 Website

BnE 2007 will have its own website, linked to the main SC website. This is where BnE 2007 students can check updates and important news without the hassle of looking through logo of bne 07thousands of emails in their inbox. This is also where BnE 2007 students can acquire contact details of batchmates. It will also be an avenue for feedbacks on the activities and programs of the Batch Assembly.

BNE 2007 Business Case Competition

Scheduled to be held during the First Term of the school year, this competition will serve as the arena for batchmates from different degrees to form groups and academically compete against each other. This competition will challenge skills learned from three years of Lasallian education of their respective degrees. It will also be an opportunity for external companies to witness how great soon-to-be Lasallian graduates are.

Non-Formal Education Program

True to the mission of the Student Council, this program will give batchmates a chance to partake in social transformation through helping mothers in depressed areas to learn basic computer skills they can use for work. In cooperation with COSCA, this will be a tutorial-type of program wherein batchmates are the tutors and the mothers are the students. This is scheduled for the Third Term of the school year.