Major Projects

Rock Up the World Concert

This is a tie-up activity with 60th ENG. It is a rock concert that will feature different professional and amateur bands. The goal of this fundraising activity is to be able to adopt-a-hectare in La Mesa Dam.

logo of 62nd engNow ShowENG

This is a talent show that will be held during ENG week. Similar to the show 30 Seconds to Fame, each group will be given exactly three minutes to show off their talents. The contestants are not required to do any specific talent, they may do anything in order to amuse the audience.

Sino Ang Next Einstein?

This is similar to a game show wherein the contestants are randomly picked among the 62nd ENG students present. The questions that will be given will be based on the different engineering subjects. This activity will showcase the intellectual side of 62nd ENG students.

Frisbee Tournament

This is a sports activity that will feature the physical abilities of 62nd ENG students. Each team will be composed of girls and boys. Each block is requested to form their own team.

62nd ENG Hotline

The 62nd ENG Hotline will be a centralized phone line for the 62nd ENG batch assembly. This will ensure that announcements and information will be well circulated around the batch. Also, this is an easier way for the students to contact the batch assembly.