Major Projects

Tulong-Kapatid Sa GK (House Building Project)

This activity shall provide a venue for our 61st ENG batch to partake in social transformation. It is a socio-civic activity wherein the batch will assist in rebuilding BASECO with the help of COSCA and GK. We must empower our batch to act not only for themselves but also our countrymen. logo of 61st engBy helping our fellow Filipino brothers and sisters, this may be one step closer to our vision of a Lasallian achiever for God and Country.

61st ENG Night

This night will allow the engineering students to unwind, have fun and at the same time showcase or demonstrate their talents. Moreover, excellent students will be recognized for their academic excellence, leadership and extra-curricular activities. Awards will also be given to the winners of different competitions. This will also serve as a venue to solidify our entire batch.

Get ENGvolved

Lack of transparency is a problem which the Student Council wants to solve and this is one answer to this problem. By launching the 61st ENG website, we can dissimenate information and make our batchmates up to date about what's happening in the SC. Through this website, we can also inform our batchmates about what activities will happen so that they can be fully aware on what to expect. There will also be a forum for issue advocacy and discussion of other pressing issues.

Take The Lead

The objective of this activity is to empower 61st ENG to be the future leaders of this country. A leadership seminar will be given to the students to educate them on the essentials of becoming a responsible and accountable engineer. It is not enough that we focus on academics and sports but we should also look for venues to help us be a progressive and excellent Filipino engineer.