Major Projects


Sisengta is a batch wide newsletter published every term by the 60th ENG Batch Assembly, which aims to inform all 60th eng Students about the different activities held throughout the term. A logo of 60th engsection will also be allotted for updates on resolutions proposed and approved by the Legislative Assembly. This allows for an accountable and transparent set of Student Council officers, both elected and appointed.

Raffling For A Cause: Pamaskong Handog Kay Manang At Manong

RafflEng for a Cause is a college wide fund raising activity sponsored by 60th ENG. It will be held during the Christmas Season, and the funds raised will be used to provide the manangs and manongs of Velasco building with Christmas baskets filled with goods. This activity aims to promote the true spirit of Christmas among all engineering students.

TACt: Towards An Action-Oriented Citizenry

TACt is a series of talks and workshops sponsored by the 60th ENG Batch Assembly that will be open to all engineering students. Accomplished engineers in the field will be invited, to better inform all engineering students about their role in our society. This aims to empower students as early as now and encourage them to fully maximize their potential, so that we can give back to our nation.

Sound Engaged II

Sound Engaged is a mini-battle of the bands sponsored by the 60th ENG Batch Assembly. All aspiring musicians in the College of Engineering are invited to participate and compete. This aims to promote students' welfare by encouraging them to explore their passion for music and to showcase their talents.