Major Projects


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Balud Project

The Balud Project is an international program with a vision of total development of poor communities of the world. The Balud Project is run by an international group. The most active volunteers come from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Philippines, Japan, USA, Malaysia, and Poland. The members of the batch will partake in the said program by donating books. The project is also geared towards the realization of the UN Millennium Goals.

The 59TH ENG External Linkages For Thesis Assistance (ELTA) Series

Together with the Engineering College Assembly (ECA), this program will invite different companies or corporations outside DLSU which are capable of assisting 59th ENG students with their thesis whether financially or technically and have them discuss the procedures for availment of their program.

Speaking Minds: A 59TH ENG Roundtable Discussion On University And National Issues

Select 59th ENG students from different courses will be invited to discuss the university and national issues that directly affect them and what they can do about it.

LibrENG Library

To adopt a public school in Baseco and pledge to build/restore a library. Members of the batch will volunteer in rebuilding the library and donate books and even educational CDs for the school.