Campus Life

Cost of Living

All costs listed below are estimates only. Actual expenditures will vary depending on individual spending habits. It is estimated that a student should plan to spend 18,000 Philippine Pesos or 420 US dollars per month for BASIC living expenses including accommodation, utility bills, transportation, and food.

Estimated cost of living


Accommodation (sharing an apartment or staying in a dormitory) Apartment rentals start at Php6,000 per month
Utility Bills (Electricity, Water, Telephone) Utility bills amount to Php4,000 up per month
Food Ordinary meals cost around Php80 to Php100, Php240 a day
Transportation Jeepney fare minimum is at Php8, taxi fare is at a flag down rate of Php30
TOTAL BASIC EXPENSES* Average cost of Php18000 per month or US$375**
Textbooks and Supplies Regular books cost around Php300.***
Miscellaneous/Recreation - DSL Internet Connection costs Php900 per month
- Internet Cafes charge Php15 per hour, and Php2 per page for printing plain text documents
- Laundry services cost Php40 per kilogram of clothes
- Movie tickets cost around Php120

*Total does NOT include tax or tuition and thesis costs

**Philippine Peso conversion to US Dollars is based on the US$1=Php48 exchange rate

***Books required by professors for their classes are available at the library to help your studies. If you wish to purchase your own copy, you may visit the University bookstore. Also, the Student Council sells back books in good condition every school year at cheaper prices.