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DLSU-STC Bulletin

Issue No. 1    September 27, 2012

A DLSU-Manila/DLS-Canlubang Integration Committee has been meeting regularly with the end in view of providing a seamless and effective transition into the STC beginning AY 2013-2014. This ad hoc committee is composed of representatives of key sectors from both campuses.

  • • Freshman application for AY 2013-2014 for both the Manila and STC campuses is now handled by DLSU Manila. A unified Admissions viewbook has been published and contains information on both campuses, including all program descriptions. The marketing of DLSU-STC is likewise being handled by DLSU Manila.

    By AY 2013, the Science and Technology Complex will offer 8 degree programs, essentially carried over from the existing DLS Canlubang course offerings but reflective of a revitalized S&T character. These degree programs will henceforth be managed by the appropriate departments of DLSU Manila.

  • • A composite group comprised of Finance, Compliance, as well as other relevant sectors, has prepared and presented a proposed tuition and fees structure with the end in view of exploring possible options on how to make the campus more attractive for students. The current proposal presents a “pioneer” incentive rate for the first 3 batches of Freshmen wishing to enroll at DLSU-STC. Discussions are on-going.

  • • The Brother President and Chancellor has asked the Academics Council to initiate discussions for a proposed governance structure for DLSU-STC.

  • • The Deans, working with their respective Chairs and faculty, have been tasked to prepare for discussion a 10-year plan focused on existing curricula as well as new programs that may be offered at DLSU-STC.

  • • As research is at the core of DLSU-STC, the working group headed by the Vice Chancellor for Research is currently developing and refining a 10-year plan that will see the establishment of new centers/institutes. These centers should reflect a strong inter-disciplinary character, while respectful and supportive of individual areas of research.

  • • As part of the integration, De La Salle University will own and manage the Integrated School and will henceforth be called the DLSU Integrated School. A new building is currently being constructed which will enable the complete transfer of all classes of the Integrated School from the main building to this new facility.

  • • Headed by the Vice Chancellor for Administration, the Physical Facilities Committee is fast-tracking the evaluation of the existing facilities in the Leandro V. Locsin Campus to see what needs to be done in time for the start of AY 2013. This may involve renovation, repurposing, as well as new construction. The priority is to ensure that all necessary infrastructure needed for AY 2013 are in place. There is a common agreement that particular attention will be given to the improvement of the road network as well as upgrade the communication system.

  • • Consultations are being done to assess the needs of the various sectors in terms of the different infrastructure requirements, including (but not limited to) research buildings, instructional laboratories, sports and recreation facilities, dormitories, and a place of worship.