Program Offerings for 2018-2019

Bachelor of Science in Interactive Entertainment

Program exclusively offered at the Laguna Campus

Gain the skills to design and develop games and multimedia products in the dynamic field of Game Development or Interactive Entertainment.  De La Salle University’s Bachelor of Science in Interactive Entertainment is a 4-year multidisciplinary degree program that combines lecture and theory with practice and play to prepare you to become innovators and leaders in the growing game development industry in Asia. 

Armed with the necessary skills and knowledge, you will design and develop games for different platforms, create immersive game environments and believable characters, and develop innovative game play and interfaces. You will not only experience developing games for entertainment, but also invent games for learning, for innovating practices in various disciplines, and for promoting Filipino culture and global citizenship.

The program has two majors: 

  • BS IET major in Game Development  (BS IET-GD)
  • BS IET major in Game Art and Design  (BS IET-AD)

This program is designed and delivered together with Ubisoft, a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services.

BS IET major in Game Development

Students begin with theoretical foundations in mathematics, physics and computing to enhance their skills in critical thinking, problem analysis, and software development. Armed with these foundations, students begin creating simple games and progress into designing and developing more complex engineering and integration tasks.  Students should expect writing code for 3D graphic display, multiplayer gaming, intelligent opponents or companions, and real-time interactive environments using industry-standard game engines and tools.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BS in Interactive Entertainment major in Game Development program are ready to pursue a variety of entry- and intermediate-level positions in the areas of software engineering in general and video game development, in particular, including the following roles:

  • Computer programmer
  • Gameplay programmer
  • Tools programmer
  • Artificial Intelligence programmer
  • Mobile applications programmer
  • Game Sound Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Game Designer


BS IET major in Game Art and Design

Students begin with theoretical foundations in drawing, principles of design, and color in both traditional and digital art.  Skills are enhanced by applying the basics in designing games, game objects, levels, 2D concept art, 3D modeling, texturing and real-time lighting.  Students also learn the principles of gaming, balance, and usability to ensure a worthwhile gaming experience.  All of these are experienced using the same kinds of technology professionals use.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BS in Interactive Entertainment major in Game Art and Design program are ready to pursue a variety of entry- and intermediate-level positions in the areas of multimedia in general and video game development, in particular, including the following roles:

  • Game Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • Creative Programmer
  • Creative Content Developer
  • Ad Builders
  • Technical Specialist for Modeling / Rigging / Lighting
  • Art Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Level Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Digital 2D or 3D Art Content Producer
  • Digital 2D or 3D Production Designer


Admission Information

Applicants to the BS in Interactive Entertainment major in Game Development program must be passionate about software development, but they don’t necessarily need any prior programming experience to be successful.   Similarly, applicants to the BS IET major in Game Arts and Design program must be passionate about visual arts, but they don’t necessarily need any prior experience in drawing.

Applicants should also be passionate about designing and making games.  The ideal candidate will have strong math, science, analytical and problem-solving abilities, and have completed pre-calculus subjects prior to attending De La Salle University.  Subjects in physics and computer science (i.e., computer programming, logic formulation, etc.), or multimedia arts (i.e., drafting, 2D/3D graphics and animation, etc.) are also recommended.

Applicants who need additional topics for physics and mathematics will be required to take additional courses prior to the start of their program.


BS in Industrial Engineering

The program educates students on Industrial Engineering principles. Industrial Engineering puts emphasis on the systems approach which involves the use of Production and Operations Management, Operations Research/Management Science, and Ergonomics or Human Factors Engineering. The program presents a view of technological problems and opportunities for designing options for improvement. This manner of critical thinking will aid management decision-making on the technical aspects of the business enterprise. IE also maintains links with various professional organizations such as the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers, Operations Research Society of the Philippines, Southeast Asian Network of Ergonomics Societies, International Ergonomics Association and Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Qualified students also have an opportunity to enroll in the ladderized program of BS in Industrial Engineering and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering minor in Information Technology or BS in Industrial Engineering and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering minor in Service Management.

Career Opportunities

  • Manufacturing and operations manager
  • Logistics / supply chain officer
  • Ergonomics and safety officer
  • Operations research analyst
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Research and development scientist
  • Data analytics and intelligence
  • Operational excellence manager

BS in Electronics Engineering

The Electronics Engineering degree program produces engineers with greater depth and breadth of knowledge of electronics particularly in preparation for the following fields: telecommunications, radio and TV broadcasting and other communications engineering technologies, industrial electronics and instrumentation, semiconductor applications and manufacture, systems analysis and controls engineering, and the software and hardware areas of computer science and engineering.

Career Opportunities

  • Careers in telecommunications, radio and TV broadcasting and other communications engineering technologies; industrial electronics and instrumentation; semiconductor applications and manufacture; systems analysis and controls engineering
  • Positions in the academe

BS in Computer Engineering

This program focuses on the design, installation, and maintenance of digital devices and appropriate software to effectively and efficiently meet the scientific, technological, and administrative needs of business and industry in a global economy. Computer Engineering combines the elements of electronics and communications engineering and computer science to understand the hardware/software interface common to computing and information systems. Students are trained to perform tasks such as the design of the microprocessor or the development of an embedded system that may be used in applications that range from desktops to hand-held devices and to earn acceptance from globally recognized certificate-giving bodies.

Career Opportunities

  • Project manager / Engineer
  • Network / Systems administrator / Manager
  • Data communications engineer
  • Systems manager / Engineer
  • Systems analyst / Designer
  • Technical support engineer
  • Computer hardware entrepreneur
  • Positions in the academe


BS in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship program aims to develop Lasallian entrepreneurs who are motivated and knowledgeable in identifying and evaluating opportunities by preparing business plans, and exploiting opportunities by actually starting and managing a business.

The program includes essential components of values formation through the Lasallian general education, skill-building, and experiential learning where students are required to set up and operate an actual company for at least one year before graduating. The goal is to develop entrepreneurs with a global perspective and a Filipino heart.

Career Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur
  • General manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Management consultant
  • Management educator

BS in Business Management

With the increasing use of computers and technology in business, the growing complexity of firms, and the increasing rate of change, competition, and uncertainty, managers of the 21st century should have not only the discipline and skills but also an understanding of management from a holistic rather than a fragmented highly specialized perspective. They must be able to create a mental model of unity out of diversity and to perceive organizational reality.

In response to these new realities of business, the Business Management program prepares young men and women to become competent managers and consultants with a mindset of management as a system of integrated and interrelated parts. Moreover, the program also aims to produce a new breed of ethical business professionals with skills in scientific research, problem analysis, and decision-making.

Career Opportunities

  • Management consultant
  • Management educator
  • Business owner / Entrepreneur
  • General manager

BS in Business Management – Business Analytics

This specialization under the BS in Business Management program focuses on the skills, technologies, and practices on the use of data to make better business decisions. Aside from the technical aspects of data management and modeling, graduates of this specialization will have a holistic background on general management that embeds Lasallian leadership. Students would also be taking courses from various fields such as design, computer science, engineering and mathematics to hone their technical analytics competencies.

Career Opportunities

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Analyst

BS in Marketing Management

Students of this program are taught the theories and concepts as well as given training on the practical aspects of the various areas of marketing by exposure to actual work situations through assignments in organizations (either profit or non-profit). The program develops them for entrepreneurial or corporate work in marketing management.

Career Opportunities

  • Various positions in the advertising and promotions, public relations, brand management/category management, or marketing services departments.


BS in Pre-med Physics

In preparing students for a medical career, this course concerns itself with the application of physics in medicine. The future medical practitioner will have a better grasp of the concepts behind the technology applications of today’s medicine.

Career Opportunities

  • Medical degree/medical profession
  • Physicists (general)
  • Graduate programs in physics


BS in Psychology

The BS in Psychology program aims to produce competent and ethical professionals through quality and innovative training in psychology with a balanced and firm foundation in theory and research with a Filipino and Christian Orientation. The course offerings provide students with a broad orientation to the field of psychology that enable them to be involved in various careers (industrial, school, and clinical setting) and respond to contemporary demands and social concerns. This program has additional Science courses to equip them with skills if they decide to pursue medicine. Graduates of the program can take the Professional Regulatory Commission Licensure Examination to become registered psychometrician. They are also encouraged to join the Psychological Association of the Philippines.

Career Opportunities

  • Registered psychometrician
  • Masters in Psychology to become a registered psychologist
  • Further Education in law or medicine (additional science courses are required)
  • Teaching
  • Human resource management
  • Research
  • Government / Civil service
  • NGO / Community engagement
  • Counseling centers
  • Testing centers
  • Mental health institutions

AB in Political Science

The AB Political Science program aims to provide students with the essential theoretical and methodical background for the study of politics. It is designed for students to acquire proficiency in political science in theory and practice, critically examine real-world problems, find informed and innovative solutions to these problems, and become well-rounded professionals in their chosen careers.

In line with its objectives, the program combines coursework with field training. It offers courses in comparative politics and government, political theory, international relations, political economy, and public policy and administration, which are foundations of the discipline. It also offers elective and seminar courses dealing with special topics and issues such as e-governance, political marketing, corruption, law and society, and environmental governance. Students have the option to choose either academic or action research projects for their culminating course.

Career Opportunities

  • Law
  • Political research and consultancy
  • Policy analysis
  • Political management
  • Legislation
  • Government
  • Foreign service
  • Media and advocacy
  • Business
  • Positions in the academe

AB in International Studies

The International Studies Department offers a multidisciplinary program that deals with state, society, and market in the ongoing dynamic process of globalization. The program aims to provide students with practical knowledge of foreign relations, international politics, and the global economy, reinforced by a deep appreciation of language and culture. Students are given the opportunity to learn a foreign language (e.g. French, German, or Spanish).

Career Opportunities

  • Foreign policy analyst and strategic studies expert
  • Foreign service, diplomacy and embassy work
  • International organizations (i.e. UN, IMF-WB, ADB, ASEAN, etc.)
  • Tourism, translation, and interpretation
  • Government and non-government employment
  • Entrepreneurship, business, and corporate jobs
  • Service industry and business processing outsourcing
  • Academia, teaching, and research
  • Law profession
  • Media and journalism


BSE in Mathematics

This program aims to develop the mathematical, scientific, and pedagogical skills of students and transform them into highly qualified teachers of mathematics at the basic education level. Students are nurtured in a learner-centered environment supported by experts in the fields of pure mathematics and mathematics education, and by technology-based learning resources.

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher or college instructor in mathematics as well as positions in the academe
  • Tutorial jobs
  • Managerial / Administrative positions in schools
  • Clinical / Managerial / Administrative positions in business establishments
  • Teacher training
  • Research assistance
  • Researcher

BSE major in English

The degree program is a good foundation for those intending to teach English as a second language in the secondary and tertiary levels.

Career Opportunities

  • Positions in the academe
  • Managerial / Administrative work in schools and other establishments
  • Tutorials (online and face-to-face)
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Consultancy
  • Speech writing
  • Textbook / Technical writing
  • Designing teacher or employee training programs
  • Conducting language / Language related training programs
  • Research and popularizing research findings
  • PR work
  • Researcher


BS in Information Technology

The integration of ICT in various areas of society requires a breed of professionals who are equipped with deep knowledge in technology infrastructure, organizations, and business to ensure technologies are managed and continuously running in business organizations, government, health, and educational institutions.

In this program, the combined understanding of organizations and their critical need to operate with the knowledge of ICT enables students to select, evaluate, recommend, purchase, mix and match technologies.

Students are exposed to hands-on and practical experiences in areas of Network Security and Management, Server Administration, Software Development, Systems Integration, Connectivity, and Mobile Integration among others. The value of service, quality, innovation, future-thinking, and ethical use of technology are honed among students as they develop professional IT skills towards their career.

Career Opportunities

  • Applications developer
  • Network administrator
  • Systems administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Systems engineer / Data-center technical personnel
  • Information security specialist
  • IT manager
  • Technopreneur