Philippine Journal of Business and Economics

A. Journal Description

The Philippine Journal of Business and Economics (PJBE) is positioned as a peer-reviewed journal aimed at providing a venue for the publication of academic research on major disciplines in the field of business and economics. Primary emphasis shall be given to quality empirical research in the following areas: accounting business law, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, law and economics, marketing, organization theory, organizational analysis, strategic management, and related management areas.

B. Editorial Objectives

The objective of the PJBE is to publish high quality empirical, methodological and theoretical research in the fields of accounting, business management, commercial law, economics, finance, and marketing. As a major scholarly journal, the articles to be published must meet high standards of scholarship. The article contents should make a significant contribution to the business and economics discipline, as well as stimulate interest for further research.

C. Editorial Policies

In line with the objective of the PJBE, priority shall be given to the following articles, in order:

  1. Empirical research: studies that re-examine important empirical works using an alternative theoretical or empirical framework, or a different data set. These studies often involve experimental designs and multivariate techniques that examine relationships among variables.
  2. Methodological research: studies that present new approaches for analyzing data or addressing research problems.
  3. Theoretical research: studies that explore or test theoretical issues and provide additional insights on the issues.
  4. Review articles: surveys that review and evaluate critically the literature. A review article must go beyond summarizing previous research. It must provide a critical and integrative evaluation of prior research, develop a conceptual framework to explain contradictory findings, and suggest directions for further research.

The PJBE also encourages and welcomes papers that use an interdisciplinary approach (e.g. law and economics) in analyzing issues as well as those that use multiple research methods to support hypotheses.

In addition to the above categories of articles, the PJBE also welcomes critiques, short notes, or comments on previously published articles and corresponding rejoinders from the authors of these articles. Short articles that are not “full-blown” research papers, but whose content adds new insights or knowledge to their respective fields will be considered. These short articles and comments shall be included under a separate section called “Research Notes.”

Book reviews will also be considered for recently published books (within one year prior to the review date). The review of a second edition or revised edition is discouraged, unless the revisions are substantial. Review of textbooks will not be considered. A separate section called “Book Reviews” will be added to the journal issue, as necessary.

Selection of articles for publication is made by the editorial board, which relies primarily on the recommendations of reviewers. Manuscripts appropriate for consideration receive two or more independent blind reviews by members of the editorial board or other professional authorities. Reviewers evaluate manuscripts based on their significant contribution to the business and economic discipline and on their ability to stimulate interest for further research.

D. Audience

The PJBE targets the following audience: economists, business practitioners and academicians, corporate policy makers, and government policy makers.

E. Publication Details

The PJBE shall be published twice a year, in the months of March and September. Each volume shall contain at least four (4) articles with length of 15-25 pages per article. Its office address is as follows:

Contact Information

Philippine Journal of Business and Economics
Center for Business and Economics
Research and Development
2nd Floor, La Salle Hall,
De La Salle University-Manila
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