Seminars, Lectures and Roundtable Discussions



2003 to 2004

  • Caring for the Japanese Elderly: Issues and Challenges in Filipino Caregiving (2004)
  • Policy and Program Implications of the Cancun Meeting (2004)
  • Liberalization in the Movement of Natural Persons and Human Development Considerations (2003)


2003 to 2008

  • A New Pathway from the Periphery: The Political Economy of Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines and India by Dr. Mark Thompson, Professor of Erlangen-Nuremberg University, Germany (2008)
  • The Use of Law and Force in Governance by Dr. Pak Nung-Wong, Visiting Scholar to the Center and Assistant Professor of City University in Hong Kong (2007)
  • Diplomacy in the New Century by Former U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina John K. Menzies (2007)
  • The Abolition of the Quota System: Potential Impact on Philippine Garment Export by Prof. Hideo Fujimori, Visiting Scholar to the Center and retired Professor from Takushoku University, Japan (2007)
  • Political Journalism and Its Importance to a Democracy by Mr. James R. Dickenson, Media Consultant and former political reporter, editor and columnist of Washington Post (2007)
  • US-RP Relations by Ambassador Christopher Hill, US State Department Assistant Secretary for East Asian Affairs (2006)
  • Emerging Media Trends in the US by Mr. Steven Lubetkin, Fellow of the Public Relations Society of America and the managing partner of Lubetkin and Co. Communications (2006)
  • US Policy in the Asia Pacific in President Bush's Second Term by Ambassador Charles Salmon, Jr., Foreign Policy Advisor, Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies (2004)
  • Experience of Asia with the International Court of Justice by Judge Hisashi Owada (2004)
  • The Federation of Free Farmers and its Significance in the History of the Philippine Peasant Movement by Prof. Masataka Kimura, Ibaraki University (2004)
  • Policy and Program Implications of the Cancun Meeting (2004)
    • Alternative Trade Governance Arrangements Within the WTO Framework
      by Dr. Renato de Castro
    • Towards an Appropriate Philippine Policy Response to Recent WTO Developments
      by Dr. Ponciano Intal, Jr.
  • Emerging US Post 9-11 Strategy by Mr. Ralph Cossa, President of the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Pacific Forum (2003)

Roundtable Discussions

2004 to 2006

  • Developing Research and Education Programs for Disaster Preparedness in Asia (2006)
  • Combating Transnational Crimes in the Philippines (2004)
  • What the Japanese Public Think of Filipino Caregivers (2004)