International and Regional Conferences


The Philippines-Japan Relationship in an Evolving Paradigm


Philippines-Japan Friendship Year 2006, March 8-9, 2006

Keynote Paper

The Two New Empires: Japan and US as Latecomers in Colonialism
Dr. Kiichi Fujiwara
University of Tokyo


Dancing in the US Shadow: Daily Colonialism in Filipino-Japanese Marriages
Dr. Nobue Suzuki
Nagasaki Wesleyan University

All-American Pop Images and Values in Japanese Anime for Philippine TV: Slam Dunk as Postcolonial Japanese-Filipino-American Popular Culture Form/Text
Dr. Oscar Campomanes
Ateneo de Manila University


American Impact on Elite Formation in Postwar Japan and the Philippines
Dr. Temario Rivera
International Christian University

Lost in Memorialization?: Unmaking of History in Postwar Philippines-Japan Relations
Dr. Satoshi Nakano
Hitotsubashi University


The Wars with the US and Japan in the making of Post-1946 Philippine Politics
Dr. Reynaldo Ileto
National University of Singapore


Philippines -Japan Relations: Towards a New Partnership in Regional and Global Context


March 10-11, 2005

Keynote Paper

Paradigm Shift toward a New Partnership:
From Japan-Philippine Relations to Japan-Philippines in the Global Context

Dr. Yoshiko Nagano
Kanagawa University

Social and Cultural Aspect of Mutual Understanding for Harmony

Japanese Village in Community in Times of Crises
Dr. Cynthia Neri Zayas
University of the Philippines

Philippines-Japan Cultural Relations: Philippine Initiatives, 1950s Onwards
Dr. Ricardo Jose
University of the Philippines

Building the Education Foundation for Mutual Development

Revisiting Japanese Language Education in the Philippines::
Towards Better Philippines-Japan Understanding and Partnership

Dr. Richard Gonzales
Nomura Research Institute

Developing Real Life Educational and Training Programs for Andragogy Through Teleconferencing
Dr. Virgilio Manzano
University of the Philippines

Political Aspect of Cooperation and Partnership

Philippines-Japan Relations and Filipino Exposure to Japanese Politics
Dr. Lydia Yu-Jose
Ateneo de Manila University

Philippines-Japan Migration Policy
Dr. Trinidad S. Osteria
Yuchengco Center

Challenges to Economic Opportunities

Refocusing Aid to Human Security: Disbursement Pattern of Japan's ODA to Southeast Asia in the 1990s
Dr. Dennis Trinidad
De La Salle University

Philippine Economic Development in the Light of Japan's Experience: A Comparative Analysis
Dr. Eric Batalla
De La Salle University


China's Peaceful Emergence in East Asia


February 25-26, 2005

Analysis of Domestic Factors Leading to China's Peaceful Rise in the Region

Dr. Zhang Xizhen
Peking University, Beijing, China

Reform and Open Up-or Die: China's Policy Shifts and Economic Reforms
Dr. Zhang Ruizhuang
Nankai University, People's Republic of China

A Southeast Asian Perspective on China's Peaceful Rise: Exploring the Prospect of an Emerging Cooperative Hegemon
Dr. Renato C. De Castro
De La Salle University

The Rise of China and Evolving Post-Cold War Regional Security: A Korean Perspective
Dr. Heungkyu Kim
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Seoul, Korea

The Evolving Post-Cold War Regional Security Configuration in the Asia-Pacific: A US Perspective
Dr. Phillip Saunders
National Defense University, Washington, D.C.

The Post-Cold War Trilateral Relations of the United States, Japan and China in the Asia-Pacific: Future Directions

Dr. Grace M. Cheng
Hawaii Pacific University

Dr. Eiichi Shindo
Tsukuba University, Japan

Dr. Wu Jin Ping
Jinan University, People's Republic of China

China's Expanding Economy and Southeast Asia: Competitors or Partners for Regional Growth?
Dr. Ponciano Intal, Jr.
De La Salle University

China's Peaceful Emergence in East Asia: ASEAN Response to Regional Security Concerns
Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta
ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, Indonesia


Turning Crises Into Opportunities: East Asian Policy Perspectives on Regional Issues


November 28-29, 2002

Regional Security and Politics in 21st Century East Asia

Dr. Renato de Castro
De La Salle University

Crises and Opportunities in Economic Growth and Cooperation in East Asia
Dr. Josef Yap
Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Economic Reforms in Japan: Impact on Regional Economic Cooperation
Dr. Akira Kohsaka
Osaka University, Japan

China's Role in Catalyzing Regional Economic Recovery
Madame Song Yi-Min
China Institute of International Studies, People's Republic of China

Korea's Experience in Crisis Recovery: Lessons and New Opportunities
Dr. Jong-Kil Kim
Inha University, Korea

Windows of Opportunity for ASEAN: Policy Options
Dr. Takashi Terada
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Improved Governance for Optimizing the Benefits of Regional Cooperation
Dr. Clay Wescott
Asian Development Bank

Regional Economic Cooperation between ASEAN and Northeast Asia
Dr. Myrna Austria
De La Salle University


The Impact of Business Community Strategies on Financial Liberalization Policy


Cases of the Banking Industry in Japan and the Philippines, March 13, 2002

Legislating Banking Liberalization in the Philippines: Business Government Relations in Policy Reform

Mr. Antonio Pedro, Jr.
De La Salle University

Japan's Banking Industry and Financial Liberalization
Prof. Hideo Kobayashi
Waseda University, Japan

The Politics of Financial Liberalization: A Comparison Focusing on Foreign Banking in Japan and the Philippines
Dr. Eric Vincent Batalla
De La Salle University


Information Technology and Local Governance


Best Practices in the Philippines, Korea and Singapore, October 19-21, 2001

Local eGovernance Framework

Local eGovernance in the Philippines
Dr. Francisco A. Magno
De La Salle University

International Best Practices

Using eGovernment to Increase Transparency and Accountability in Government: The Seoul OPEN System
Dr. Jae-Hyung Lee
University of Seoul, Korea

The Singapore eCitizen Portal: Delivering Government Services According to the Needs of Citizens
Ms. Catherine Chong
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

Best Practices in the Philippines

Local Governance in Muntinlupa… the City that Cares
Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi and Mr. Jaime A. Ventura
Muntinlupa City

eGovernance and MIS: The Bulacan Experience
Provincial Administrator Ma. Gladys C. Sta. Rita
Province of Bulacan

Private Sector Perspectives on eGovernance

Best Practice in eGovernment Planning
Mr. Ramon Y. Dimacali
IBM Philippines, Inc.

The Local Government Spearheading Digital Governance
Mr. Manuel Tabunda
Amellar Solutions


Information Technology for Good Governance


November 20, 2000

IT for Good Governance: A Framework

Dr. Francisco Magno and Dr. Ramonette Serafica
De La Salle University

The Australian Experience in E-Governance
Mr. Stephen Braim
IBM Australia and New Zealand


Institutionalizing Strategies to Combat Corruption


Lessons from East Asia, August 12-13, 2000

Hong Kong Panel

Chairperson: Dr. Sundramoorthy Pathmanathan
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Paper Presentation: Dr. T. Wing Lo
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Malaysia Panel

Chairperson: Dr. Francisco Magno
De La Salle University

Paper presentation: Dr. Sundramoorthy Pathmanathan
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Singapore Panel

Chairperson: Mr. Wolfgang Mollers

Paper Presentation: Dr. Tan Tay Keong
National University of Singapore

Government Perspectives: Thailand and Indonesia

Chairperson: Dr. T. Wing Lo
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Paper Presentations:

1. Mr. Preecha Lertkamolmart
National Counter-Corruption Commission, Thailand

2. Mr. Amien Sunaryadi
State Business Enterprise, Indonesia

Philippine Panel

Chairperson: Mr. Amien Sunaryadi
State Business Enterprise, Indonesia

Paper Presentation: Dr. Eric Batalla
De La Salle University


National Conferences:
Liberalization in the Movement of Natural Persons and Human Development Considerations


August 21, 2003

Movement of Natural Persons for Human Development
Ms. Anuradha K. Rajivan
United Nations Development Programme

Movement of Natural Persons and its Human Development Impact
Dr. Tereso S. Tullao, Jr. and Mr. Michael Angelo Cortez
De La Salle University

Current Discussions on Mode 4: Implications on the Movement of Natural Persons
Ms. Verona C. Collantes
Asia Trade Initiative

Implications of the Movement of Natural Persons on Government Policy on Overseas Employment
Mr. Ricardo R. Casco
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

Implications of the Movement of Natural Persons: Issues Raised by Non-Governmental Organizations
Ms. Josefa S. Francisco
Miriam College


Combating Transnational Crime in the Philippines


January 31, 2005

The Concept of Non-Traditional Security: Focus on East Asia

Dr. Renato de Castro
De La Salle University

Terrorism in the Philippines
Ms. Zenonida Brozas
National Security Council

Implementing the Anti-Money Laundering Act: Recent Developments in the Philippines' Efforts Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Atty. Vicente Aquino
Anti-Money Laundering Council

Issues and Challenges in Anti-Drug Law Enforcement
Police Senior Superintendent Lisa Sarmiento
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency

Trafficking in Persons in the Philippines
Ms. Gina Gonzalez
Department of Social Welfare and Development

Video and Software Piracy
Mr. Gerardo Zaguirre
Optical Media Board