Welcome to CoenoMap

CoenoMAP is a web-accessible, map-oriented database on the distribution of corals in the Philippines. It allows collegial sharing and updating of information to support conservation and to facilitate research on Philippine corals.

Initially, data from taxonomic papers and several reference collections in museums of the University of the Philippines are included in this database but will be expanded to cover other reference collections in museums and research institutions in the country. Through CoenoMAP, availability of data on Philippine coral distribution will be greatly enhanced while proper credit will be given to data providers.

The current database contains information on the species described and reported by Francisco F. Nemenzo, Father of Philippine Coral Taxonomy. The site also hosts species lists from specific areas in the country as well as geographic distribution of specific coral species. Taxonomic guides, reprints, information on taxonomy trainings and other announcements relating to coral conservation in the Philippines are also posted here. Please contact us atcoenomap@gmail.com for inquiries, comments or instructions on how to contribute data to this site or click on the links above.

Field Guides to the Common Genera of Philippine Corals

These field guides are meant to be printed and laminated to aide the researcher in identifying the corals encountered in their field surveys. The file can only be opened with Acrobat 5 and later versions. The photographs may not be copied. High resolution posters of at least four (4) of the field guides included here are available by request to institutions involved in Philippine coral research. Annual coral taxonomy trainings are also conducted by the GEF Coral Taxonomy Project. For inquiries please contact coenomap@gmail.com.