Visiting Professor for Third Term to Study Filipino Pentecostalism

image1Giovanni Maltese, a doctoral research fellow and lecturer at the Department of Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology at the University of Heidelberg, is currently conducting research for his project “Politics and Society in Filipino Pentecostalism” under the Visiting Research Program of SDRC. The study examines the relationship between Pentecostalism, politics and society through a regional study on Negros Oriental. Within this historically, culturally and religiously differentiated context, it investigates the articulations and practices used by Pentecostals to express their understanding of and participation in politics and society.
Prof. Maltese has pursued studies in Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies since 2005 in Heidelberg, Mainz, and in the Philippines. Prior to his stay at DLSU, he was a visiting professor and researcher at Silliman University in Dumaguete City. He has also been translator for the ecumenical research group Fondamento e dimensione oggettiva della fede second la dottrina cattolico-romana ed evangelic-luterana based in the universities of Heidelberg, T├╝bingen, and the Pontificial Lateran University of Rome.
Prof. Maltese's research stay serves to establish academic ties between his home department at the University of Heidelberg and DLSU. It is intended to offer an avenue for cross-fertilization both on the methodological level as well as with regard to results, through his forthcoming guest lecture, symposia and academic exchange with the faculty.