SDRC Director Conducts Research Presentation on Urbanization and Childbirth Practices in RP

sdrc collageSDRC Director Ferdinand D. Dagmang conducted a presentation on “Urbanization and its Impacton Childbirth Practices in the Philippines” forthe CHED Zonal Research Center on October 4th at the Angelo King International Center. The workshop was held under CHED’s Zonal Research Program to provide research inputs for the zone’s development needs. Participants from Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Lyceum of the Philippines University, Arellano University, FEATI University, San Beda College, and Philippine Women’s University attended the one-day workshop.

To provide the participants with a perspective of the research topic, Dr. Dagmang spoke on the framework that was being adapted—A Theory of Impingements (“hidden impacts or outcomes of practices in the public realm”) which draws inspiration from various critical theories—for which the following could be considered: the unintended impacts of capitalistic intentions and practices; the interlocking impacts of such practices on institutions and persons; and the deeper psycho-neuro impacts. He further explained that the study “assumes that the reconstruction of what are ‘unsaid’ or ‘implicit’ in social practices or indicators will pave the way for the identification, analysis, and interpretation of the problems of impingements and their observable presence in childbirth practices.” The participants were later given a choice of possible areas of study that they could pursue as teams: History of Urbanization and Child birth Practices in the Philippines; The Impact of Urban Practices on Traditions; A Comparison Between Various Childbirth Practices (Mainstream, Alternative, and Indigenous/Traditional); Ethnographic Studies on Childbirth Practices; or The Nature of Alternative Childbirth Practices (cf. Lamaze Method).

The workshop concluded with remarks from DLSU CHED-ZRC Assistant Director Louie Montemar, who took the opportunity to clarify issues regarding copyrights and authorship, and expressed his hope in the success of the team endeavors in this program.