SDRC Researchers Hurdle Board Exams


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SDRC is proud to announce that three members of SDRC research teams—Graeme Armecin, Alexie Baliseyo, and Marie Rose Morales—passed their board exams this past year. Mr. Armecin, a member of the “Women with Disability taking Action on Reproductive and sexual health” (W-DARE) team, and Mr. Baliseyo, working with the “Adapting to Climate Change in Peri-Urban Southeast Asia” team, passed their first board licensure examination for Psychometricians held in October 2014 and took their oaths in December 2014. Ms. Morales, meanwhile, who has been a researcher of the study team for “How DOH and Other Interventions Close the Gap in Health Outcome Disparities among LGUs,” ranked in the Top 2 in the licensure examination for Psychologists in July 2015 and took her oath in September 2015. Both oath-takings were held at the PICC Reception Hall.