Training Workshop for PCP II Research Assistants Conducted

A three-day intensive training workshop for research assistants of the project “Evaluation of the Process and Impact of PCP II Implementation in Ten Local Churches in the Philippines, with Dissemination of Findings to Various Stakeholders (CBCP, Episcopal Commissions, Diocesan Councils, Religious Congregations)” was held from January 27-29, 2012 at the Institute for Spirituality of Asia, New Manila. The research assistants are deployed in 10 local churches in Missio-funded areas in Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao.

The workshop was conducted to initially assess the submitted data and field work reports in view of systematizing the process of data gathering and collation of the ethnographic reports. The first day of the workshop was Orientation Day, which was facilitated by Dr. Ma. Teresa de Guzman and Mr. Dindo Café. The second day involved the Presentation and Critiquing of the Field Work Data, whereby the status of the field work, the problems and challenges encountered, and the plan of action were tackled. The third day session culminated in the orientation and briefing on the Focused Group Discussion questionnaire designed by Ms. Leah Valbuena. Questions about the conduct of eliciting responses from the key informants were answered and clarifications were made about foci of interest in the whole evaluation process of the PCP II programs. 

Dr. Ferdinand Dagmang, who spearheaded the training workshop, underscored the crucial role that RAs play in the creation of the Intermediate and Final Reports to Missio. The three-day training workshop re-invigorated the RAs and gave them the impetus to further hone their skills as research assistants.