Missio Munich Provides Grant for PCP II Project

The German agency Missio Munich has provided support to SDRC for the project “Evaluation of the Process and Impact of PCP II Implementation in Ten Local Churches in the Philippines (Phase 1)” being headed by research fellow Dr. Ferdinand Dagmang beginning October 2011. The project is an assessment of the process and impact of the implementation of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II) in ten local churches, and is the first national assessment of church programs/activities in relation to PCP II implementation for 20 years. The study attempts to provide a scientific evaluation and assessment of impact of the practices/procedures on church life by uncovering concrete development and/or non-development of the pastoral/BEC (Basic Ecclesial Communities) priorities in line with PCP II decrees.

The PCP II study is divided into three stages: The first stage involves two pilot studies of the processes and impact of programs/activities carried out in one rural-based parish (Bumaca, Quezon) and one urban-based parish (the Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned (POLA) in Hulo, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila). The second stage involves the evaluation of the Diocese of Cavite’s programs/activities implemented in two selected parishes in the Diocese of Cavite. The third stage will be a nationalization of the study, with one parish in Boac, Marinduque, two parishes in the Visayas (Iloilo and a Franciscan parish in Cebu City), and three parishes in Mindanao (Pagadian, Marbel, and a parish of the Archdiocese of Davao).

Members of the research team for the PCP II study are SDRC research associates Dr. Ma. Teresa De Guzman, Ms. Rica Ancheta, and Ms. Leah Valbuena.