Climate Adaptation in SEA Study to be Conducted at SDRC

The Social Development Research Center has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Asian Institute of Technology in Pathumthani, Thailand to conduct a three-year study on Climate Adaptation in Peri-urban Southeast Asia beginning November 2012. ¬†The study, with funds from IDRC of Canada, aims to advance research and professional development under the thematic area of social and gendered adaptations to climate-related water stresses in peri-urban areas in three Southeast Asian countries. Specifically, the project will (i) research the gendered, social, political, economic and biophysical drivers of vulnerability of people to climate-related water stresses in selected peri-urban areas in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines and their adaptive responses to these stresses in order to better inform and address the needs for planning for climate adaptation, vulnerability, and risk reduction; (ii) develop and launch a work-based professional master’s program on urban management and development specializing on urban water, gender and climate change for development professionals in the public sector; and (iii) build capacities within local government or district units, and among climate change and development professionals to identify and analyze drivers of vulnerability to climate-related water stresses with which to plan more holistic ways of addressing climate-related water stresses in peri-urban areas.

Three country teams (from AIT, DLSU-SDRC, and the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies or CRES, Vietnam National University, Hanoi) will conduct the research in selected peri-urban areas in these countries. Local government units and the sponsored masters degree scholars will participate in the research and will pilot institutions for innovative learning, action and mainstreaming gender and socially- and climate-responsive development among local government agencies.

For its part, SDRC will lead, organize and conduct the field data collection and deliver the critical data sets for Sta. Rosa, Laguna, the study site in the Philippines. It will also collaborate with AIT in the production of working papers under the study, as well as help facilitate, in partnerships with the LGU and other stakeholders, the preparation of strategic action plans.

Team leader for SDRC’s participation in the study is Dr. Antonio P. Contreras.