Title of Project Overview
Agapay Project The Agapay Exoskeleton is a 3D-printed, biomimetic, and wearable robot that accounts for all the movements of the shoulder and elbow. This requires the device to be comfortable, user-friendly, safe to use, and manufactured at a low cost. The device is actuated using high power servo motors attached to an adjustable and lightweight frame.
Life Cycle Assessment of Algal Biofuels in the Philippines Microalgae (collectively known as “lumot”) are microorganisms which grow under carbon dioxide and sunlight. These are available from natural sources, or can be cultivated thru photobioreactor and cultivation ponds. It contains lipids which can be converted to energy such as biofuels.
Internally Funded Projects
Title of Project Project Leader Funding Source/
Project Cost
Period Covered
Development of a Calibrated Multiple-Objective Linear Programming Inoperability Input-Output Model for Disaster Risk Management in the Philippines Dr. Raymond Tan Challenge grant Dec. 2012 present
The Development of a technology transfer model for the DLSU- Micro-hydro Power (MHP) System Technology at Barangay Parina, Apayao for socio-economic sustainability and inclusive development Dr. Alvin Culaba Challenge grant Present