Postgraduate and Industrial Training in Sustainable Technology

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Project Reference Number
Asia Link/ASIE/2005/109-629


Postgraduate and Industrial Training in  Sustainable Technology

Main Activities

  • Development of training tools on Sustainable development and tools;
  • Offering of open learning units  on sustainable technologies and energy engineering;
  • Modelling for resource conservation and environmental impact assessment and management systems;
  • Adaptation of units to account for local conditions using case studies and comparative studies;
  • Use of units in partner postgraduate programmes;
  • Development of short course programmes for the industry;
  • Establishment of a Centre for Sustainable Development at Manila, Philippines;
  • Study of professional accreditation for environmental auditors and teachers in further and higher education; formulation of curriculum for international MSc in Sustainable Technology;
  • Generation of business activity between Europe and Asia focused on the Centre for Sustainable Development.


Project Partners
university of portsmouth de la salle university royal institute of technology university teknologi malaysia xavier university
University of Portsmouth England, UK De La Salle University Manila Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Xavier University Cagayan de Oro