DLSU No Impact Experiment
13-19 and 20-26 June 2016

Complementary Events at DLSU

The Green Action Contest: Best Innovative Ideas for Sustainable Acts by DLSU

Prize: PHP5,000 and a climate change adaptation kit
Deadline: 30 June 2016

The contest calls for submissions of inventive ideas and original conceptual designs on feasible sustainable projects or actions that can be implemented in the University to reduce carbon footprint, ensure green productivity, and improve the quality of our life in DLSU. Open to DLSU faculty members, students, and staff. Entry: one (1) brilliant, original idea. Please log-in to your DLSU email account and access form at www.dlsu.edu.ph/the-green-action-contest.

Stay in Shape. Make an Impact!

6-18 June 2016
Exhibit Area, The Learning Commons, 6F Henry Sy Sr. Hall
Organized by DLSU Libraries

The exhibition features the eating habits of Filipinos by using the Libraries' collections of recipe books, films, and literary works. Stay in Shape. Make an Impact! tackles the importance of eating healthy foods and reducing foodprint to save the environment. It will also include powerful photos and digital posters that encourage every Lasallian to eat local foods, save the food and share the extra.

Write Green: Premio Ambahan 2016

Prizes: First, PHP 5,000; Second, PHP 4,000; Third, PHP 3,000
Deadline: 30 June 2016
Organized by Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing Center

This competition seeks to promote the writing of ambahan, a short poetic form indigenous to the Hanunuo Mangyans of Mindoro. It consists of seven-syllable lines, mono-rhyme scheme, and images illustrating people’s lives in relation to their natural habitat. Open to DLSU undergraduate students. Entry: one (1) good poem, original, unpublished work in English or Filipino (one entry per contestant). It should follow the stylistic features of an ambahan. Theme is landscape and environment. Entry should include author’s full contact information and copy of current EAF (3rd Term AY2015-2016). Please email as word attachment to bnscwc@dlsu.edu.ph. “Premio Ambahan” should be indicated in the space marked “Subject.”

Online Survey on Water Usage and Consumption

13 – 26 June 2016

The University is currently conducting a water audit. The Online Survey on Water Usage and Consumption aims to capture current practices of members of the Lasallian Community related to a very scarce resource—water.


DLSU Eco-Fashion Campaign 2016
13 - 26 June 2016

The ECO-FASHIONISTA: FASHION + GREEN, GREEN + FASHION is a two-week DLSU Eco-fashion Campaign 2016. We encourage everyone to express themselves through eco-fashion showcasing original creative and innovative fashion/clothing designs which promote beauty, sophistication and glamour, while reflecting eco-friendly attitudes in one’s life style. The designs must be consciously conceptualized. Clothes and fashion accessories made from innovative fabrics such as grass, leaves, and bamboo can be considered for a glamorous fashion. You may redesign, reuse, and recycle textiles from your existing wardrobe and embellish them to create an eco-fashionista look – a change that may start in your own closets. Take selfies and post them at the DLSU No Impact Experiment FB Community Page https://www.facebook.com/DLSU-No-Impact-Experiment-574391795983509/ for a chance to win prizes.

Daily Green Hour

Monday-Saturday, 12:00NN-1:30PM

Lights and air-conditioning units in offices are turned off from 12:00nn to 1:30pm. Aircon units are turned off 15 minutes before the end of the official office hours. In line with the Lasallian Earth Day (LED) program.

13 June 2016, Monday
Yuchengco Seminar Rooms 407-409
Opening Ceremonies of the DLSU No Impact Experiment and Climate Change Presentations

by Climate Reality Project Leaders

The Opening Ceremonies re-launches the DLSU No Impact Experiment, with inspirational messages from DLSU administrators. The Climate Change Presentations feature a series of presentations on the global impact of climate change, with an array of facts and information. The speakers are DLSU climate change communicators who have received training from Nobel Laureate Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps. They include Pram Menghrajani, Abigail Marie Laurel, and Chiara Ocampo.

13 June 2016, Monday
2:45-4:00 PM
12th Floor Lobby, The Learning Commons, Henry Sy Sr. Hall

AG Saňo Art Exhibit and Talk Filipino artist and environmental advocate AG Saňo will exhibit his latest art work on the environment and talk about his artistic process.
14 June 2016, Tuesday
Natipuan Elementary School, Natipuan, Batangas
LEAP Activity: Vegetable Planting All public schools have a school feeding program. By planting vegetables in the available open space and in containers, the feeding program is augmented and elementary school students are aware of the whole food cycle -- planting, harvesting, preparing, and eating. They will also be aware of what it means to eat healthy and that it doesn't cost much to do so.

15 June 2016, Wednesday
3:00-5:00 PM
Signum Fidei Room, Perico’s Grill, St. La Salle Building
In cooperation with Perico’s Grill
Cooking Local Food, Eating Healthy: Fresh Lumpia and Ice Cream
A talk and cooking demo by Ms. Amy Besa
Restaurateur Amy Besa of Purple Yam and her staff will conduct a cooking demonstration of vegetarian fresh lumpia and present the process of making delicious homemade ice cream. Kalsada Org and Farm to Table will provide Benguet coffee and organic milk from grass-fed cows in Mindanao. Ms. Besa is the President of Ang Sariling Atin (ASA) Culinary Heritage Institute, which seeks the preservation of our Filipino culinary heritage through research and community-based projects.

16 June 2016, Thursday
2:45-4:15 PM
12th Floor Lobby, The Learning Commons, Henry Sy Sr. Hall
Organized by the College of Liberal Arts Research and Advanced Studies in cooperation with The Learning Commons

Nanotechnology for AntiUV and Antibacterial Applications
A talk and presentation by Dr. Gil Nonato Santos
One of DLSU top scientists Dr. Gil Nonato Santos will talk about the use of nanotechnology for Anti-UV protection.
20 June 2016, Monday
8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Organized by the Campus Sustainability Office and the Buildings and Grounds Management Office
Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) A Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) will be conducted to establish baseline data on the current solid waste materials generated by the Lasallian Community. Waste materials collected for the whole day will be segregated, weighed and documented. The findings of the WACS will be used in reviewing and revising the current Ecological Solid Waste Management System of the University.

30 June 2016, Thursday
The Learning Commons, Henry Sy Sr. Hall
Organized by the DLSU Libraries in cooperation with the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP)
Human Library The Human Library, a concept originally started in Copenhagen, Denmark, is composed of human books that a "reader" can interact with. Human books are people subjected to stereotyping and prejudices. They have volunteered to be public representatives of their respective groups so they could share with others their personal stories to break down stereotypes and prejudices. As part of the Libraries' aim to cultivate an image of sensible and sensitive community of Lasallians towards social issues, this activity is an alternative way of learning, which may promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and encourage understanding of people from different walks of life. Interested participants should register Online Registration Form by 27 June 2016, 5:00 PM.
16 July 2016, Saturday Graduate Research Conference 2016 One of DLSU’s primary objectives as stated in the Lasallian Mission-Vision is to increase the university’s research productivity, quality and network. As part of its efforts to attain this goal, the University encourages graduate students to do research through thesis programs and disseminate their output to different venues such as symposiums, conferences and colloquia. The Graduate Student Council of COE, CLA, and CCS propose to organize the Graduate Students’ Conference and invite all graduate students to present either their class output, or their current research progress. Panels on environment and sustainability research will be included.

For inquiries, please contact: Campus Sustainability Office Tel. (632) 5244611 local 272; CLA RAS local 328; BNSCWC local 233; Email:antonio.maralit@dlsu.edu.ph; bnscwc@dlsu.edu.ph; elenita.garcia@dlsu.edu.ph

The DLSU No Impact Experiment is under the supervision of the Office of the Chancellor, and organized by the Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing Center (BNSCWC), the College of Liberal Arts Research and Advanced Studies (CLA RAS), Campus Sustainability Office (CSO), the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation (VCRI), and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration, in partnership with Redraw the Line, a project of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), The Government of Sweden and The Media Alliance. Partner DLSU units and organizations include the Office of Lasallian Missions, COSCA, DLSU Libraries, DLSU Museum, USG, CSO, Green Media Group, The Lasallian, Plaridel, among others. FB Community Page: DLSU No Impact Experiment