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Young Economist’s Convention Overview

Established in 2001, the Young Economists’ Convention is a product of the collective effort of the DLSU Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies (DLSU–AKIEBS), the Anthony Aguirre Memorial Foundation, USAID and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in cooperation with the Junior Philippine Economics Society (JPES) and the De La Salle University–Economics Organization(DLSU–EconOrg).

Steadfast to enrich the Economics education in the country, the YEC allows Economics students from all over the country to interact with one another and to associate with the wide range of professionals from the government, business, academe, and civil society. This project is created with the ultimate goal of endorsing awareness of prevalent economic issues and initiating vital critical thinking among the youth, which will enable them to put in practical usage what they have learned as they bring to fruition the idea of becoming the future leaders and policymakers of the Philippines.