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Call for Papers

AKI-CBMS Call for Submission of Proposals on
Poverty Research, and Food Research
For AY2016-2017

The DLSU-Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies (DLSU-AKI) announces its AKI Research Grants on Poverty Research and Food Research.

The Angelo King Institute invites empirically-based research proposals on: (i) Poverty Research (using the Community-Based Monitoring System Data Sets and/or Annual Poverty Indicator Survey), and (ii) Food Research. These proposals must be implemented over a six-month timeframe. 

Among the expected outputs are the following:

  1. Full research paper to be included in an AKI Book Project
  2. Presentation in an AKI Lecture Series or participation in the National CBMS Conference (for poverty research only)
  3. Policy Brief that will highlight the policy recommendations based on the key findings of the study.   A three to four page policy paper will be published by the Institute as an AKI Policy Brief (ISSN 2094-3342).

Although not part of the expected outputs, all recipients of AKI research grants are encouraged to publish the results of their research in Scopus/Web of Science journals.  The Institute will provide financial assistance in the process of publication.

An applicant for the Research Grants is open to all full-time faculty members of De La Salle University-Manila.

Five proposals will be selected for each of the two research themes and each proposal will be awarded a PHP100,000 grant. All recipient of grants will be selected by a review committee of the Angelo King Institute.

Application Requirements
All applications for Research Grants must include:

  1. Information on the researcher (contact and background information, including current curriculum vitae) and co-researcher(s), if applicable.
  2. Abstract of the proposed research project.
  3. Statement of how the research advances the state of knowledge in the field.
  4. Research proposal (limited to 7 single-spaced pages) that addresses the following:
    1. Problem statement/policy issue and its importance
    2. Theoretical or conceptual framework for the research
    3. Review of literature
    4. Research questions
    5. Description of methodology including proposed dataset and criteria for selecting the sample, selection of variables and rationale for using them, and analytic techniques
    6. References cited in the proposal

Application Deadlines and Submission
The deadline for proposals for AKI Research Grants is at 5:00pmon October 14, 2016, Friday.

Proposals should be sent (both hard and e-copies) to the following:

Dr. Tereso S. Tullao, Jr.
Angelo King Institute
Room 223, Saint La Salle Hall Building
Second Floor, North Wing


Contact Christopher James R. Cabuay at 524-46-11 local 287, 524-53-33, or email us at aki@dlsu.edu.ph if you have questions regarding the application or submission process.  All awards are contingent upon the availability of funds at the Institute.  The funding will also be linked to the approval of the required deliverables by the Institute.