DLSU–Angelo King Institute
St. La Salle Hall,
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila

Angelo King International Center
Corner Arellano Avenue and Estrada Street
1004 Manila

+63–2–5244611 loc. 287


Research Project

Since its establishment in 1999, the Institute has undertaken research projects in the areas of

(a) industrial adjustment and restructuring in the Philippines and ASEAN,

(b) global and regional production networks,

(c) agricultural marketing and trade,

(d) investments in agricultural research and development,

(e) family business issues,

(f) cost analysis in higher education institutions,

(g) managing risks and opportunities of globalization particularly on financial liberalization and integration, human mobility, and trade, and

(h) corporate governance and banking.

It has hosted several seminars and roundtable discussions involving lawmakers, government officials, businessmen, labor leaders, academics, and representatives of civil society. The Institute also hosts the annual Young Economists’ Convention (YEC),which serves as a forum for economics students from across the Philippines and ASEAN to discuss relevant issues with eminent economists and policymakers.

Research Themes

The Institute focuses on five key research themes, namely:

(1) Social Partnership between Labor and Management;
(2) Decentralized Governance;
(3) Family Business and Enterprise Development;
(4) Networks and Production Clusters; and
(5) Openness, Structural Adjustment, Institutional Reforms and Sustainable Development.