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National Dissemination Meeting on Lao CBMS Result from 24 Villages on August 15, 2006 - This meeting assembled national policymakers, representatives from line ministries, international organizations, concerned provinces and districts. This meeting was held at the Novotel, Vientiane, Lao PDR on August 15, 2006 This meeting is being organized by the CBMS Lao Project-National Statistical Center of Lao PDR.

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Implementation by Sengmay (46 KB)

CBMS Results from 24 Villages (1150 KB)

Proposed Action Plan (96 KB)

About CBMS – Lao PDR

Since the 1990's Lao PDR has implemented a number of socio–economic programs to stabilize the economy, promote growth, and subsequently reduce poverty. The Lao Expenditure Consumption Surveys have been conducted throughout the country although its results have satisfied the nationwide analysis only. Because the survey was not designed fro lower level analysis, the data shortfall on communities creates problems in designing and prioritizing programs and policies that will alleviate the conditions of the rural poor. it is acknowledged that there is a need to build and develop the capacity at the grass-roots level to ensure the effectiveness of decentralization. the data collection at the grass-roots level should be organized through the decentralized governance structure.

Community-based monitoring system (CBMS) work in Lao generally aims to provide policymakers timely information on various aspects of people at the grass–roots and community level. It intends to complement the decentralization efforts in Lao PDR, and achieve the main objective directly involving local people in the design of policies that best address their needs.

Project Activities

  • Development and design of household questionnaire for collecting the information to support the existing "Village Book"
  • Selection of appropriate indicators for commune–based poverty monitoring and analysis in addition to existing indicators that have been determined in the "Village Book".
  • Provision to communities of simple and easy-to-collect socioeconomic and poverty indicators to determine the prevailing standards of living.
  • Provision of practical, scientifically generated data to local authorities for their effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of development projects.
  • Provision of data to policymakers to be used for prioritization of projects and effective planning and monitoring of developmental programmes in the various communities.
  • Capacity-building of the selected local authorities in data collection.
  • Strengthening the coordination between national Statistical Centre (NSC and local authorities as well as among local authorities themselves.
  • Documentation of the details of the system developed and the results of the pilot test.
  • Dissemination of the results of the project in local and national workshops.

Partner Institution

CBMS work in Lao PDR is being implemented by the National Statistical Center, Which is part of the Committee for Planning and Cooperation in the country. Its core task include coordination, research, and implementation and control of all national statistics activities in Lao PDR.

Contact Information

Inquiries regarding CBMS–Lao PDR may be sent to:

Dr. Samaychanh Boupha
CBMS–Lao Project Director

Address: National statistical Center Luangprabang Road, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Tel#: (856) 21–214–740; 242–023

Fax #: (856)21–219–129; 242–022

Email: nscp@laotel.com; nscunfpa@laotel.com

Website: www.nsc.gov.la

Research Team Members

Ms Phonesaly Souksavath
Mr. Sengmany Keolangsy
Mr. Vilon Vipongxay
Ms. Soucharith Nokeo

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