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About CBMS – Tanzania

In 2004, the Government of Tanzania developed the Opportunities and Obstacles to Development (O&OD) methodology, which defines a process to be followed by the municipalities to achieve participatory planning and monitoring in the context of decentralization. The O&OD methodology is a holistic process that recognizes the role of the local communities in the identification, preparation and implementation of development projects. Since the methodology focuses, however on community group, it cannot address the socioeconomic concerns of the individual people and households. As such, it becomes less applicable for poverty monitoring purposes. The Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS), which concurs with the O&OD methodology but goes further to the household level to monitor the poverty status of the individuals, aims to address this problem. It aims to provide a good information base for policymaking and project impact monitoring.

Project Activities

  • Development of a comprehensive municipal information system that captures municipal, ward and village levels data, and produces reports that facilitates good planning and decision making for poverty alleviation.
  • Promotion of a participatory planning and budgeting through the use of CBMS
  • Improvement of the capacity of data collectors at the municipal, ward and village units better processing and analysis.
  • Development of a simple and easy–to–use tools to collect poverty indicators that will show the impact of strategies and determine the trend of poverty.
  • Testing of a locally feasible data capture, processing and dissemination system, without necessarily relying on central government resources.
  • Provision of data to policymakers for the prioritization of projects, effective planning and monitoring of developmental programmes in various communities
  • Preparation of poverty profiles and development plans
  • Dissemination of poverty data and information among the stakeholders in all levels.

Partner Institution

CBMS work in Tanzania is being implemented by the Dodoma Municipal Council. According to its vision, the Municipality has the following responsibilities:

  • Provision of quality social and economic services;
  • Capacity building of the community (citizens), council staff and councilors;
  • Mobilization of revenue collection capacity;
  • Environmental conservation; and
  • Maintenance of peace and security within the area of jurisdiction.

Contact Information

Inquiries regarding CBMS–Tanzania may be sent to:

Mr. Rangya Kyulu Muro
CBMS Tanzania Project Director

Address: Dodoma Municipal Council P.O. Box 1913, Dodoma Tanzania

Telephone Number(s): +255 (745) 694257

Fax Number: +255 (026) 2324750

Email: rankya@yahoo.co.uk

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