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About CBMS – Ghana

The objective of the local government system in Ghana is to ensure that people are directly involved in the decision–making process and responsible for their own development. To achieve this goal, the district assemblies are to identify their respective community problems and development issues.

There is currently no consistent and timely data on poverty at the district and unit committee levels making it difficult for the district assemblies to identify the needs of the local people and address them sufficiently. A community-based monitoring system (CBMS) can offer the district assemblies the opportunities to assess policies they have implemented at the local levels, identify problems and basic needs at he village⁄ community levels, and how best these can be addressed.

The CBMS work in Ghana generally aims to inform policy makers, on a timely basis, of the effects of policies on people's standard of living at the community level. It also intends to complement the efforts of the decentralized system and help the local people directly involved in the design of policies that best address their needs.

Project Activities

  • Development of a set of simple and easy-to-collect poverty indicators to determine the prevailing standard of living in Ghana
  • Development and pilot test of a locally feasible data collection and processing system
  • Improvement of the district and unit committee levels’ capacity in data collection, processing and analysis of data at the local levels.
  • Documentation of the results of the project in the local levels.
  • Documentation of the results of the project in the local and national workshops.

Partner Institution

The CBMS work in Ghana is being implemented by the Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA), an independent, nongovernmental think-tank, which provides rigorous analysis and perspectives on economic policy issues in Ghana and teh developing world. The centre is mandated to promote a non-partisan, informed debate on key policy issues on Ghana's economy with emphasis on macroeconomic management, growth and poverty alleviation issues. Its vision is to become a center of excellence in economic policy analysis in Africa, a repository of sound credible database on Ghana's economy and a definitive authority of economic policy issues affecting Ghana and the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS)

In particular CEPA aims:

  • To provide options to policy options to policymakers and other stakeholders through rigorous research and policy analysis.
  • To enhance capacities of other institutions in Ghana through training and networking.
  • To disseminate and publish economic reports so as to raise public awareness of economic and developmental issues.
  • To consolidate the institutional base of CEPA so as to enhance its performance.

Contact Information

Inquiries regarding CBMS–Ghana may be sent to:

Dr. Nii Kwaku Sowa
CBMS-Ghana Project Director

Address: P.O. Box AN 19010 Accra – North Ghana

Telephone Numbers: (23321) 779–365 ⁄778035

Fax Number: (23321) 773-3670

E–Mail: niisowa@cepa.org.ph

Research Team Members

Felix A. Asante
Abena D. Oduro
Clara Fayorsey

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