DLSU–Angelo King Institute
St. La Salle Hall,
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila

Angelo King International Center
Corner Arellano Avenue and Estrada Street
1004 Manila

+63–2–5244611 loc. 287



Established in 1999 out of the complementary goals of its two founding institutions, De La Salle University and the Angelo King Foundation, the DLSU–Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies (DLSU-AKI) merges its founding institutions’ drive for research excellence, policy relevance and overriding concern for poverty alleviation. Supported by a worldwide network of donors and partners, the Institute has established a niche in the area of research by integrating economic and business studies, and by combining macro and micro perspectives. The DLSU- AKI envisions itself to be an innovative and leading center for integrating economic and business studies leading to policy recommendations for government and the business community. Guided by the University's traditions of excellence, dedication to the advancement of knowledge, and commitment to community service, the Institute sees itself as a resource to the country in its pursuit of international competitiveness, poverty alleviation and sustainable development. The Institute also sees itself as a resource to the University in deepening the University's research tradition and strengthening the University's research and academic linkages with other institutions, especially those in the Asia Pacific region.

To attain its vision, the Institute strives to:

    •  Nurture private sector-government sector efforts at reforming policies, strengthening institutions and improving economic governance in the country.

    •  Support industry-level and firm-level strategic adjustments to effectively manage the opportunities and challenges of global interdependence and sustainable development

    •  Promote forward-looking entrepreneurship, as a key means of poverty alleviation and international competitiveness in the country, through the encouragement of supportive policies and of innovative human capital development programs

    •  Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among researchers, academics, policy-makers, the private sector and civil society on economic and business issues

    •  Effect the diffusion of research in both the private and public sectors on economic and business issues as well as strategic management practices.