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The Center for Language Technologies (CeLT) of the College of Computer Studies is composed of 8 full-time faculty members dedicated in the pursuit of researches that deal with both programming languages and human languages. The Natural Language Processing Research Team is now under this center.

Faculty members involved in the center spearhead projects and mentor undergraduate and graduate students that include the areas of:

  • Plagiarism detection in programs
  • Program Slicing and Algorithm Detection
  • Automatic and Semi-automatic Creation of Linguistic Resources
  • Automatic machine translation;
  • Natural language understanding which also includes morphological, syntactic, semantic, pragmatic and possibly discourse analysis;
  • Information extraction that transforms any free-form written texts into structured, database-like representations;
  • Natural language generation that involves automatically generating text reports, summaries, and even stories from any raw computer data like tables, databases, ontologies, etc;
  • Information retrieval which searches and returns relevant data through natural language pre-processing and queries; and
  • Dialogue systems that allow human-like interfacing with computers through question-and-answer mode or through dialogues.

Aside from spearheading and promoting the Natural Language Processing (NLP) research in the country, the center is posing as the de facto NLP research hub in the Philippines. The group is a member of the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL), Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC), Asian Federation of NLP (AFNLP), Parallel Grammar Initiative (PARGRAM) of Palo Alto Research Center (XEROX-PARC), and STIC-Asia, with many tie-ups and collaboration with other researchers in the Asian region.

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