The mission of AdRIC is to support the multi-disciplinary, collaborative research activities of faculty members committed to scientific excellence in the areas of information and computing technology.

Specifically, AdRIC:

  • Provides a conducive environment for research in information and computing technology;
  • Seeks collaborative research ventures with industry, government and academe; and
  • Provides avenues for timely dissemination of research outputs to the local Information and Computing Science community


AdRIC envisions to maintain a pool of world-class information and computing science researchers contributing to the local and international knowledge economy.

What we create

  • Expertise in the areas of intelligent, interactive web-based tutors, e-learning, e-governance, natural language processing, microprocessor interfacing, digital signal processing, computer network design and management, and data security.
  • Software to support local business, government and educational processes;
  • Algorithms and problem solving techniques to improve over existing ones as applied in the above-mentioned areas;
  • Automated systems design, prototype and optimization to support and improve manufacturing, agricultural, and transport industries, among others; and
  • Image recognition and diagnosis software to support and improve biological and medical processes.