Datacraft-DLSU-CCS Cooperative Research Center

The Datacraft-DLSU-CCS Cooperative Research Center (CRC) for Advanced Infrastructure Optimisation is a prime example of how academe can benefit from partnership with industry. The CRC was set-up in September 2006 to develop research consulting capabilities in the area of Advanced Infrastructure Optimisation. Through this collaboration, experts from Datacraft Asia experts transfer their knowledge to students and train them not only on the technical aspect, but also on soft skills such as working in teams, project and people management. With research as one of its primary direction, the CRC also support students in pursuing their graduate studies in computer science. The CRC is currently housed at the Advanced Research Institute for Informatics, Networking and Computing (AdRIC) at G406 at De La Salle University - Manila.

The CRC is an enriching environment for developing not only industry-level skills, but also theoretical, academic skills in the students. This collaboration serve as model for other potential industry partners of the University to build a successful and fruitful academe-industry relations.

News Update

Currently, students of the first batch have passed certification courses and are embedded in live projects. They have also successfully defended their master's thesis proposals. Also, the CRC is now starting to train the second batch of students in the same program of industry training and graduate studies.