Center for ICT for Development (CITe4D)


The Center for ICT for Development (CITe4D) aims to provide a venue for dynamic collaboration in research and innovation initiatives in the field of ICT for Development (ICT4D). The main goal CITe4D is to present a Lasallian response to the challenges of the new knowledge society and how information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be diffused and utilized to address human development and poverty alleviation issues.

The center envisions the promotion of innovative, relevant and viable research and development initiatives. Believing in the complexity and diversity of human development, the center promotes a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach in its research and development program.

Aside for its research program, the center intends to establish a dynamic network of individuals, academics, and private/public sector professionals committed to the diffusion/utilization of ICTs to address human development issues and concerns.

CITe4D is currently under the supervision of the Advanced Research Institute for Computing (ADRIC) and the Information Technology Department of the College of Computer Studies, De La Salle University.


  • Present an ICT-enabled Lasallian response to the challenges posed by the current social-digital divide in the Philippines.


  • Develop courses and academic tracks relevant to the advancement of the center's research and development thrust
  • Assist policy and decision-makers to respond to the needs/demand of the emerging knowledge society and ensure its diffusion to marginalized sectors of society
  • Engage with stakeholders from the public/private sectors and civil society regarding the center's ICT4D initiatives
  • Design and Deploy relevant and viable technology solutions to address developmental issues and concerns
  • Study the impact of digital technologies on people, organization/communities, and society
  • To be a significant contributor to the body of knowledge in the area of ICT4D

Philosophy of CITe4D

Believing in the old saying "To READ is to LEAD", center's philosophy shall be embodied through the acronym READ:


The center shall be involved in the formulation of relevant research studies. Relevance of research initiatives shall be guaranteed by its impact on target entities and stakeholders of human development.


The center recognizes the importance of internal and external engagements. Formation of linkages is seen as a vital component support the overall strategy of CITe4D.


The center shall promote advocacies on relevant issues concerning human development and the role of ICT. Related to engagement, the center's advocacies shall be part of its research and development agenda.


Recognizing the importance of research diffusion, the center shall endeavor for the mainstreaming of its research and development efforts. This emphasis on research diffusion shall ensure impact and development of best practices for the center.

Contact Information

Center for ICT for Development (CITe4D)
Room 410 - Gokongwei Bldg.
College of Computer Studies,
De La Salle University
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila, Philippines

Tel. No.: (632) 524-0402 (direct line)
Fax No.: (632) 536-0278
E-mail: Sherwin E. Ona