Good Deeds Program

The Good Deeds Program aims to provide an opportunity to acknowledge the exemplary acts, deeds or performances of the External Service Personnel (i.e. janitors, security guards, gardeners, waiters, etc.) in the University through recognition and rewards.


A Good Deed can be qualified by the following characteristics:

  1. Exceptionalism - To what extent did the nominee act beyond his/her responsibilities as employee?
  2. Bravery - How much of the nominee's own safety was risked?
  3. Implications - How much did it uplift or protect the university's stakeholders, general environment, and/or reputation?
  4. Exemplification - How inspiring is the act for other ESPs and employees to emulate?

These actions include, but are not limited to: returning valuable items to their respective owners, catching bad elements within the campus vicinity, and putting one's own life in danger for the sake of others during emergencies.

Reporting a Good Deed

Reporting of Good Deeds can be made by any member of the community about an act made by an ESP. Reporters can download and fill out the Good Deed Nomination Form. Accomplished forms may be submitted at the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (Room 1404, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall) or at STC - Administration Office, W104, Ground Floor, Milagros del Rosario Building

Incident Report from the Security Office, certificates of commendations from government agencies, and link may also be used in reporting and evaluating a Good Deed.

Evaluating and Awarding of Good Deeds

Reports of Good Deeds will be evaluated by a committee assigned by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

Recipients of Good Deed Awards will be recognized periodically via HelpDesk Announcement and will be featured in the Good Deeds webpage.