Research Program Workshop (RPW)

The URCO plays a supportive role in developing of Centers of Excellence in each of the eight colleges/school of DLSU. It provides funds for college-based Research Program Workshops (RPWs) that are anchored on a priority thematic area for research of the University or the college. The RPWs have sought to: enhance collaboration among faculty and graduate students in the priority areas of research in the colleges/school and in the University; provide opportunities for quality scholarly exchange among University community members; facilitate the development of research agenda and plans that have both theoretical and applied significance; and provide the resources and support in writing and submission of external grant proposals. RPWs are facilitated by a team of faculty members for an entire academic year.  Each RPW consists of three phases, with each phase corresponding to a term of an academic year. Phase 1 consists of an organized discussion on the fundamental issues and key literature in the research area; Phase 2 is the venue for crafting research problems and designs to pursue multi- or interdisciplinary studies; and Phase 3 involves the preparation and submission of proposals to external agencies for possible funding.

Who may apply?

  • A core group of at least three faculty members shall plan for a Research Program Workshop.
  • The RPW chair and co-chairs should be full-time faculty members of the University. The two co-chairs may be part-time faculty members upon the endorsement of the Department Chair and the College Dean. The RPW Committee shall consist of members who established research track records in the RPW research focus.

How to Apply?

  1. Watch out for the third term deadline for the submission of RPW proposal to URCO.
  2. Faculty members in each College who wish to apply a Grant for a Research Program Workshop shall fill out and submit to URCO an on-line application form. In filling it out, consult the accompanying guides for proposal approval, schedule of critical/research activities and budget preparation.
  3. Have the accomplished proposal form signed by your Dean and College Research and Advanced Studies Director.
  4. Submit the duly accomplished RPW proposal form to URCO on or before the specified deadline.

URCO will undertake initial screening of proposals to make sure the necessary information is indicated. If there are questions/clarifications regarding your proposal, the URCO Coordinator for Research Programs and Events will communicate with you regarding this matter.

For more information and details, please refer to the Policies and Guidelines for Research Program Workshops (RPW) and Downloadable forms.