Interdisciplinary Research (IR)

An Interdisciplinary approach to research is seen as a significant way in which the critical thrust areas for research (poverty alleviation, environment and safety, globalization, applied technologies, and youth-at-risk) can be addressed. The University provides support to enable members of the academic community to collaboratively pursue studies that will address problems from different disciplinal perspectives and methodologies. Many significant researches from the research centers and institutes of DLSU are interdisciplinary in nature.

Who may apply?

  • A team must be composed of at least three members, coming from different Departments and/or Colleges. From among the team members, a project coordinator is designated to supervise the collaborative implementation of the project, and to oversee the preparation of the integrative project report. The project coordinator must be a full-time faculty member.
  • Part-time faculty members may also be involved as members of an interdisciplinary team.

How to Apply?

  1. Watch out for the trimestral deadlines for the submission of proposal to URCO.
  2. Download proposal forms from the Intranet or get forms from URCO. In filling it out, consult the accompanying guides for project proposal approval, schedule of critical/research activities and budget preparation.
  3. Have the accomplished proposal form signed by your CRC representative and department chair. If you are a part-time faculty member, you must also secure the signature of your Dean.
  4. Submit the duly accomplished proposal form to URCO on or before the specified deadline.

URCO will undertake initial screening ofproposals to make sure the necessary information is indicated. If there are questions/clarifications regarding your proposal, the URCO Coordinator for Research Programs and Events will communicate with you regarding this matter.

For more information and details, please refer to the Policies and Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Research at DLSU and Downloadable forms.