Sports Development Program

Tournaments & Invitationals

  1. A varsity team is formed and maintained to represent De La Salle University in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) games. Under current UAAP rules, participation is compulsory in the senior and junior divisions of men’s basketball and seniors division of women’s volleyball. It is also mandatory in at least five (5) events in the men’s senior division and five (5) events in the women’s senior division. The University has the liberty to choose the 5 events in both the men’s and women’s divisions where the athletes will participate. Participation in more than this number of events is optional.
  2. UAAP (men and women) senior division events:

    Participation Men’s Division Women’s Division
    Compulsory/Mandatory Athletics Athletics
    Basketball Basketball
    Chess Chess
    Football Football
    Swimming Swimming
    Taekwondo Taekwondo
    Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Lawn
    Volleyball Volleyball
    Optional Badminton Badminton
    Baseball Baseball
    Fencing Fencing
    Judo Judo
    Tennis, Table Tennis, Table

  3. De La Salle University by reason of membership or commitment with founders/organizers, will participate in selected tournaments organized by the following sports groups:
    • Universities and Colleges Athletic Association (UCAA)
    • National Capital Region Athletic Association (NCRAA)
    • University Games or UNIGAMES
    • La Salle Invitational Games – Biennial event at La Salle-Dasmarinas Cavite
  4. The Office of Sports Development will send teams to tournaments other than those mentioned above:
    • to defend a championship;
    • by virtue of the UAAP participation results;
    • to serve as tune-up or extension of training in preparation for the UAAP; and
    • as required by higher university authorities in support of academic programs.
  5. The Office of Sports Development will manage varsity teams to represent De La Salle University in the tournament/invitationals/special events mentioned above. If there are no regular varsity teams or the varsity team is unavailable, a competitive mix of regular varsity athletes from the student selection team will represent DLSU.
  6. The head coaches will recommend to the Director of Sports Development the tournaments wherein their teams will participate to serve as tune-up or extension of their training program in preparation for the UAAP.
  7. The lineup of athletes that will represent De La Salle University in any tournament or sports event will be recommended by head coaches. It will be reviewed by the tournament coordinator for compliance with eligibility rules, and certified by the Academic Service Assistant to verify the athlete’s academic status before submission to the Director of Sports Development for Approval.
  8. To attain a proper balance between academic and athletic activities, no athletes whether varsity or student selection team member, will be lined up if:
    • an athlete’s previous term GPA is below 1.6; or
      an athlete’s participation in games will overlap.