Student's Corner

For undergraduate and graduate students, the ethics review of student researches/proposals/theses are primarily done at the departmental level (usually conducted by the research committees or thesis panels of the academic department).

The results of the ethics review conducted at the departmental level are reflected on the Student Research Ethics Clearance Form which can be downloaded in the Downloadable Forms section of this site. The accomplished form is attached to the proposal and the final manuscript submitted to the different academic departments.

However, Student can apply for an ethics review from the University Research Ethics Review Committee (RERC) if the following circumstances apply:

  • The funding agency providing support for the student project requires an RERC ethics review
  • The student project poses more than minimal risk and ethical expertise to propose measures for ethical adherence cannot be provided by the department. In such cases, the faculty supervisor or the department head can request for an RERC ethics review. The application for review will be submitted to the REO by the student(s).

Before inquiring with the Research Ethics Office, we advise students to talk to their Mentor/Teacher/Chairperson to clarify if the above circumstances apply. Should they apply, the REO would be happy to accept the student’s application for a research ethics review of their proposal.

Students applying for an ethics review would need to submit the following documents via e-mail:

  1. Soft copy of accomplished application form
  2. Soft copy of proposal
  3. Accomplished soft copies of the general checklist
  4. Accomplished soft copies of the necessary detailed checklist (Checklist A-E, only those that are applicable to the proposal)
  5. Soft copies of attachments stipulated on the specific checklists
  6. Letter of endorsement from department Chairperson

The Application Form, General Checklist, and Detailed Checklists (Checklists A-E) can be downloaded in the Downloadable Forms section of this site.

For frequently asked questions about ethics reviews, please see our FAQs for the Research Ethics Review of Student Projects

For inquiries and submissions, students may e-mail the REO at or call the REO at (02) 524-4611 local 513.