Tuition Fee Increase

Consultation Process

  1. Consultation must be initiated by School Heads and be conducted not later than February 28 prior to the Academic Year (AY) the intended increase shall take effect. The Consultation must be done within the concerned school premises.
  2. Notices must be posted at conspicuous places within the school campus at least thirty (30) days before the actual consultation.
  3. Higher Education Institutions intending to conduct consultation should inform the CHEDRO concerned 15 days before the scheduled consultation.
  4. Consultations shall be done with legitimate and authorized representatives from the recognized:
    • supreme student councils/governments;
    • faculty unions;
    • non-teaching personnel associations and/or
    • alumni associations.

    Each sector will be allowed at most three representatives. In the absence of a student council/government in an HEO, the student organizations and societies recognized by the HEI shall select not more than three representatives who will participate in the consultation.

  5. The HEIs latest audited financial statements and tuition utilization shall be made available to the authorized representatives of the aforementioned groups, upon request.
  6. The recognized student publication should be allowed to cover the consultation.

Certification and Documentary Requirements

The following documents must be submitted to the CHED, through the Regional Offices concerned, not later than April 1 of the preceding Academic Year (AY) the intended increase shall take effect:

  1. Letter of Advice (LOA) signed by the President/School Head informing the concerned Agency of its intention to increase tuition and other school fees or introduce new fees;
  2. Certificate of Conduct of Consultation (CCC) duly notarized containing the following information: Tuition utilization, proposed increase in other fees and how the increases are to be used.
    The following will be attached: The minutes and attendance sheet signed by the concerned School Heads and the aforementioned authorized representatives to the consultation. If the authorized representatives refuse to sign, a notation shall be made in the said document which shall be submitted for notarization.
    The CCC shall be signed by the school head shall be countersigned by the President or in his absence, the Vice President of the student council/government to assure that appropriate consultation/s, as herein provided for, has been conducted accordingly.
    This certification shall include a list of officers of its student council/government duly signed by them and/or in their absence, the duly recognized student organizations/ societies, with their corresponding officers.
  3. A Certification of Compliance (COC) signed by the School Head and duly notarized, stating that seventy percent (70%) of the previous year's incremental proceeds from tuition fee increase were used for the payment of increase in salaries, wages, allowances and other benefits of its teaching and non-teaching personnel and other staff, except principal stockholders of the HEI who are holding executive/managerial administrative positions; twenty percent (20%) of the same was expanded for the improvement or modernization of school buildings, equipment, and other costs of operation during the previous AY from whence the application was applied from; and that the total other school and new fees were spent for the items specified in the approved application (Annex B).
  4. The Certificate of Intended Compliance (COIC) shall be certified Under oath by the school head, duly signed by the aforementioned authorized representatives and posted on the HEI's bulletin boards and other conspicuous locations inside the campus. This should specify the purposes of the allocation of increase in tuition and incremental proceed (Annex C).
  5. A Certificate of Agreement signed by the duly authorized representatives of the HEI's Administration, Student Councils/governments, Faculty, Alumni and/or non teaching personnel associations whenever applicable in cases that application of new fees are initiated and agreed upon by the students (Annex D).
  6. A comparative schedule of tuition and other school fees for the current AY and the proposed increases for the ensuing AY, with the differences expressed in both peso and percentage terms (Annex E).
  7. Annual Report on the increases in other fees and the intended utilization (Annex F).

Source: CHED Memorandum Order No. 14, series of 2005