Transfer of Sections

Below are the guidelines and procedures for transferring of students from one section to another:


Transferring of students from one section to another may be done only if the concerned section have met the applicable minimum class size and the concerned students have expressed no objection in writing to the change in section/schedule.


In cases when a class has reached the split size of 45, the department may opt to retain the excess students in that section or have another section opened. However, the option to open section shall be applicable only if there is only one (1) section offered, or, in cases of more than one section, the other sections have reached the split size.

In cases when the option to open another section is taken, the department should submit a list of students (not lower than the applicable minimum class size) to be transferred to the new section.

Distribution by mentor/adviser (for undergraduate thesis/practicum)

For the thesis/practicum, it is advisable to transfer students to their respective advisers/mentors to enable the faculty in-charge to submit the grades on-line, instead of having one section under the thesis/practicum coordinator. This also facilitates the payment of the advisers/mentors.

In all the three types of transactions above, please accomplish the Section Transfer Form (OUR Form No. E-13) which may be filled up electronically at

Please take note that for balancing and splitting, the accomplished form must be submitted to the OUR not later than two (2) weeks from the start of the term. For distribution by mentor/adviser, the accomplished form must be submitted not later than Week 4 of the term.