Thesis/Dissertation Defense

Activity Responsibility Timeframe Document(s) Remarks
1. Enrollment in Thesis/Dissertation Writing   Weeks 1 to 2 of the term only   • Please see procedures for Enrollment in Thesis/Dissertation Writing
2. Accomplishment of Application for Thesis/Dissertation Defense (Form No. E-22) Student   • Form No. E-22 • A student is eligible to enroll for proposal/final defense only if enrolled in Thesis/Dissertation Writing for the term

• The department has to assign the Panel Chair and Members

• Form No. E-22 is available at the OUR or may be downloaded from its website.

3. Submission of accomplished and signed Form No. E-22 to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) Student Up to end of Week 7 only • Form No. E-22  
4. Encoding of enrollment OUR Up to end of Week 7 only • Form No. E-22  
5. Release of assessment OUR Up to end of Week 7 only • EAF  
6. Payment of fees at the Accounting Office Student Up to end of Week 7 only • Enrollment Assessment Form • Only the Accounting Office is authorized to receive payment from the student
8. Submission of machine-validated Form No. E-22 to the OUR for stamping Student Immediately after payment • Four (4) copies of machine-validated Form No. E-22 • OUR releases one copy of stamped Form No.E-22 to student
9. Transmittal of stamped Form No. E-22 OUR After two (2) working days from receipt of machine-validated Form No. E-22 • OUR-stamped Form No. E-22 • It is only at this stage, after receiving the machine-validated Form No. E-22, should the enrollment in defense be considered official
10. Assignment of defense date and venue Department   • OUR-stamped Form No. E-22  
11. Ordering of snacks Department      
12. Submission of Defense Panel Report (Form No. R-21) to OUR Panel Chair Immediately after defense • Form No. R-21  
13. Submission of Payment Requisition Slip (PRS) to OUR for the defense snacks Department   • Payment Requisition Slip  
14. Transmittal of Form No. R-21 to Accounting Office OUR After recording of defense grade • Form No. R-21  
15. Accomplishment and transmittal of Panel Chair Report (Form No. R-23) to OUR Panel Chair Not later than three (3) terms from term of enrollment in defense • Form No. R-23 • The Panel Chair Report is submitted only in cases when the student has been required to make revisions in the thesis/ dissertation