Term End Reminders

In connection with the approaching end of term, faculty members are reminded of the important dates and policies.

  1. Only faculty members are allowed to proctor examinations.

  2. Special final examinations may be given for those with conflicts in schedule. The Application for Special Final Examination (Form No. E-12) is available at the Enrollment Services Hub – 2nd Floor Henry Sy Sr. Hall. Faculty members are encouraged to proctor the special final examination.

  3. Part-time faculty members are required to submit a copy of their computation of grades to their respective departments.

  4. All faculty members are required to be present during the Grade Consultation Day. The schedule for this day is arranged by the department. Students have the right to see their final examination papers and/or computation of grades.

  5. The grade consultation may be rescheduled, with the approval of the Chair and the Dean, but not later than the official Grade Consultation Day, provided that the final grades have been officially submitted one (1) working day before the rescheduled consultation.

  6. Faculty members may correct grades entered online on the Grade Consultation Day. The correction of grades is initiated and processed online, without the need for any paperwork.

  7. The Office of the University Registrar is authorized to give clearance to faculty members upon physical submission of the Final Grade Prooflist (verification procedure) to the Office of the University Registrar and not upon submission of final grades.