Remedial English

In conjunction with the decision of the University Graduate Council, the following guidelines are promulgated to streamline and clarify policies and procedures in connection with the Remedial English courses in the Graduate Studies:

  1. All graduate students in the degree programs admitted to De La Salle University – Manila with ID#103 onwards are required to take Remedial English—ENG501M (3 units) and ENG502M (3 units). However, based on the results of the admission exam, which includes a qualifying exam, a student may be exempted from this requirement.
  2. The Institutional Testing and Evaluation Office (ITEO) will release a list of students required to take Remedial English. Copies of this list will be distributed to the academic departments for their use in academic advising; and to the Office of the University Registrar, for the student clearance record.
  3. A student unable to meet the cut-off for the qualifying exam is required to enroll ENG501M (3 units) not later than the second term of enrollment and ENG502M (3 units) not later than the third term of enrollment.
  4. The course ENG501M is a pre-requisite to ENG502M. As such, these courses may not be taken simultaneously. Moreover, a student may enroll in ENG502M only after earning credit for ENG501M.
  5. A student required to undergo Remedial English may be allowed to proceed to other courses in the program only after earning credits for ENG501M and ENG502M. However, other courses may be enrolled simultaneously with ENG501M or ENG502M.
  6. The courses ENG501M and ENG502M cannot be waived as a requirement for the completion of the program.
  7. A student not required to undergo Remedial English may opt to enroll the same for audit purposes.